Mikki's Page
 4/1/1987 - 6/27/2004

Mikki and Diane making friends

Happy times 

It is with great sadness that I must compose this page so soon after the one I did for Minni. Mikki had a very different personality from Minni.  She was the most spirited cat I've ever seen.  She played hard, and she purred hard.   But if she didn't know you, she'd just as soon not be touched by you.  She had "understandings" with several people, but was primarily a one person cat until she met Diane.   She and Diane worked really hard to get to know each other.  There was give and take on both sides, and eventually over a period of months, Mikki would come to her just like she would to me.  

Mikki would roam the house at night, yowling, carrying my black socks around in her mouth, which she had removed from my drawer.   Only black socks would do -- any other color was ignored.   She would purr at the sound of my voice, even from a distance.   She was a real lap cat.  Just plop her down in your lap, and she'd sit with you all day long, dozing on and off, and purring deeply the whole time.  

I would love to hear your purring again, Mikki.    You will be missed terribly.

Minni, Mikki (right) and one of Mikki's socks

  Minni and Mikki (right) hanging out with Diane on the couch