Minni's Page
 4/1/1987 - 4/23/2004

Cool Minni Pirate, hanging out with the boys in their pirate ship

In August 1987, I got two Bombay cats, Minni, affectionately known as The Minni Minster, and her littermate Mikki.  I was only 20 years old, and I guess it's a miracle that I'm sitting here in 2004 and she has only just passed.   It doesn't make it any easier, but I'm glad she had 17 good years.   I'm happy she got to play with my boys and teach them to respect and love animals, and I'm sad that she didn't get the chance to do the same with our new set of boys, due in August.

I knew I had found my wife in 1996 when Minni approved!   And I'm not so sure Minni didn't help me snag her -- Diane admitted to me once that she liked to come visit me partially because of my cats!

Minni was the greatest.  She was laid back and tolerant of anything that twin boys could dish out as they aged from newborns to 5.  And she'd keep coming back for more.  She loved them.  In 17 years, I never saw her bite in anger, for any circumstance.    She was happy to just sit and be with you, hour after hour.