Nick n' Andy Pregnancy Pics (1999)

18 weeks

26 weeks

35 weeks

  Our first babies were induced at 36 weeks, 3 days due to lack of movement.  Baby A (Andy) was head down and born vaginally, weighing 6 lbs 13 oz.  Baby B (Nick) was also head down, but born via emergency classical csection because of a prolapsed cord.  He weighed 5 lbs 15 oz.  



We are pleased to report to you the results of the twin zygosity test that you requested. Analysis of the DNA indicates that Andrew and Nicholas are monozygotic, or more commonly referred to as identical twins.

We first isolated DNA from cheek cells from the swab kits that were returned to our lab. We amplified the DNA using a technique called PCR. Next, we analyzed 7-8 standard DNA markers (D5S818, D13S317, D7S820, D16S539, vWA, TH01, TPOX, and CSF1PO) and determined that the highly variable DNA markers were the same for both twins. Thus, there is greater than a 99% probability that the twins are monozygotic.

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